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The 70th World Science Fiction Convention
August 30-September 3, 2012   Hyatt Regency   Chicago
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You are Essential!
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Volunteers are essential to any convention. Without the help of volunteers the convention simply wouldn't happen at all. Everyone you see working for the convention is a volunteer. This even includes the convention staff and a great many of the guests who are giving their time and energy to see that you have a good time. All of the departments such as Convention Services, Hospitality, Registration and Programming are staffed exclusively with volunteers. All of the events such as the Dances, the Masquerade, the Art Show, Video and a great many of the panels depend upon volunteer labor. No one gets paid for this; we do it out of love... love of Science Fiction and Fantasy, love of costuming, music, art and fun.

Volunteering is the easiest way to meet people with interests like your own. If you like art, sign up for a shift in the art show. You'll meet other people who like art too. People have made lifelong friends by working together as volunteers. Want to meet the Pros? Sign up for a shift in Hospitality, chances are they will stop in there for at least a little while.

There is a special sense of satisfaction and self esteem that comes from contributing something to an event like a Con, and you get some even more tangible benefits if you volunteer. You get to learn new things and make new friends. Remember, it takes a lot of work to put on an event like this and we need all the help we can get.

If you enjoy Cons, show your appreciation by putting something back into them.

Volunteer—be a part of Fandom in Chicago.

Volunteer Information Form
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You don't need any special background or skills to volunteer—just a desire to be a part of the team that makes up Chicon 7. The entire convention is run by volunteers, from the Convention Chair all the way down, so we need volunteers at every level, both pre-con and at-con. We're delighted that you're thinking about being part of the team!
NameWho are you?
EmailHow do we contact you?
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BackgroundPlease identify an area(s) of interest, and in 1-2 sentences please describe any relevant background or experience.
Pre-con volunteeringPlease let us know if you want to help before the con, and if so, what kind of time commitment are you looking to make?
At-con volunteeringPlease let us know if you want to help during the convention itself, and if so, in what capacity.
More commentsAnything else you'd like to tell us about.
To help us reduce spam, please type the answer to this question:
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Note: If you can't read or complete the question above, please type the numerals zero zero zero here: (and leave the box blank for the question above)

If you have questions, please contact the

Volunteer FAQ
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Q: What kinds of opportunities are there for volunteering?

A: Opportunities abound! If you want to volunteer before the convention, all of our divisions and departments need staff. Just email us and let us know what you would be interested in doing.

At the convention, we will need volunteers to check badges at doors, run items from one area of the hotel to another, move in and move out, usher at big events... pretty much everything! (Often these at-con volunteers are called "gofers".)

If there is an at-con job in particular that you want to do, we will certainly try to accommodate you. If you want to move around and try lots of different jobs during the course of the weekend, we can do that too. You are free to choose what times you wish to volunteer, assuming that the jobs you want need volunteers at the times you are available.

Q: I want to help—but I don't know what to do.

A: Not sure about ways in which you can help? Go to the Chicon 7 Committee page to see the various departments. Not every opportunity is represented here—but this can give you some ideas.

If you're really stumped about what you would like to do, just tell us, and let us know what skills you have that you think might come in handy. We'll keep your skill set in the database and notify you when something comes up that looks like a good match, and you can decide if you want to try it.

Q: But I want to enjoy the con—not work all the time!

A: No problem. You will work out your schedule with the person who is in charge of your area.

Q: Do I have to sign up ahead of time to volunteer at the con, or can I sign up when I get there?

A: We would love to have you sign up in advance; it would help with planning. Also, if you want a particular job (see previous question), letting us know ahead of time certainly improves your chances of getting that job. That being said, there is always more than enough to do at the con, and we welcome, encourage and need people to volunteer on site.

Q: Do I get a membership refund if I'm a volunteer?

A: All volunteers must purchase a membership to the convention. We are certainly hoping to reimburse volunteers (pre-con staff and at-con gofers) after the convention, providing that the convention has money left over after paying outside vendors.

The exact policies around this are still being finalized, but will be posted on the website as soon as they are available.

You can register online for Chicon 7, or use our paper registration form to mail in your registration with a check or money order.